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Welcome to the cultural exhibition hall "Machanents"

The site presents the handicrafts of the Cultural Fortress City "Machanents". It is located in Echmiadzin, the spiritual city of Armenia.

Machanents Machanents

Machanents rugs and carpets

The carpet weaving workshop was founded in 1996 in Machanents House, which successfully operates up to now. During its activity, it has had dozens of beneficiaries who, having acquired the profession of carpet weaving, have achieved success in this field and are able to provide some financial support to their families.

Machanents Machanents

Virtual Gallery

The virtual gallery is a 3D modeled platform where you can walk around and get a better look at our works (click "See more")

Machanents Machanents

Machanents International Art Symposium

The aim of the symposium is to give Armenian and foreign artists an opportunity to get acquainted and exchange experience, to replenish the collection of the international art gallery created in Echmiadzin...

Machanents Machanents

Gift Card

Machanents gift card gives the opportunity to make purchases both on web site and in the souvenir shop at "Machanents House"...

Machanents Machanents
About us

In the cultural-exhibition hall Machanents handicrafts of the Cultural fortress city "Machanents" are presented. The fortress city is located in Echmiadzin, the spiritual city of Armenia. The web site presents rugs and carpets, made of natural sheep wool, paintings, ceramics, jewelry, symbolic souvenirs and other handicrafts.
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Machanents Worldwide Shopping
Handmade Carpet
280000 AMD ($ 721)
340000 AMD ($ 875)
165000 AMD ($ 425)
Machanents Brand Scarf
23000 AMD ($ 59)
Save 26.7% Lyudmila's Portrait
220000 AMD ($ 566) 300000 AMD
Moon in the village
300000 AMD ($ 772)
Handmade Small Eco Rug
30000 AMD ($ 77)
Eco rugs and carpets
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