Machanents Educational Complex

Cross of Armenian Unity has always prioritized education and culture for the younger generation and has carried out a number of educational, cultural, and social outreach programs aimed at the wellbeing of the beneficiaries and their families and the development of society. The organization founded Machanents educational complex, which has been operating since 1991. The educational complex has:

• preschool
• art therapy center
• drawing classroom
• pottery classroom
• acting classes
• music classes
• dance classes
• dhol (Armenian drum) classes
• engineering laboratory and programming classes (Innovation ethnic regional center, now Nebula)
• national cuisine classes
• chess classes

About 700 students study in the educational complex every year, including socially disadvantaged and disabled children. The organization pays special attention to them and their family members, they study on a free basis.

There is a Physical Health (Art Therapy) Center in the CAU, where more than 150 children receive free support from a psychologist, speech therapist, and ergotherapist on a free basis.

Phone: +37494045610
Address: Shahumyan 36, Ejmiatsin